I was born in Ukraine (former USSR) and I grew up in the midst of the stunning nature of Carpathian Mountains, rivers and forests.

I have been drawing ever since I can remember. From a young age I was a very impressionable person. After watching a movie or a new cartoon
I liked, I would grab a pencil and start drawing. I would just feel overloaded with feelings and emotions and had to release these feelings on a sheet of paper.
Therefore my works were so expressive and emotional, however this remains true today. From my teens I was fascinating by history and symbolism of
ancient signs and writings. I often use these elements in my works.

In 1994 I immigrated to Israel and lived in Jerusalem. There I had a great opportunity to come in contact with the history of three religions.
During the course of my work at the Israel Museum Youth Studio I discovered the arts of Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and African tribes.
The pure and bright colors they used impressed me a lot. As a result my works of that period seem more like mosaic or woven tapestry.

I cannot say that I have a certain style or direction that I use in my art. I am constantly searching for new ways and I like to discover new creative ideas.

I think that an artist is a mirror reflecting the reality through the prism of his soul; a kind of channel that links the cosmos with the material world.

I paint to keep doctors away. When people want me to explain about my works - I have little to say. All my words are on my paintings;
I hate explain my works because I'm not essayist, but the painter.

Have a peace day.

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