part I

I'm a very impressionable person
because of this, when I start a new work, I do not know what the final result is going to be.
Sometime my art inspired wild nature, archaic cave painting and shamans tambourine. And sometimes
you might recognize in my works Pollock's paint splashes, suprematism forms of Malevich or Kandinsky
abstract music of colors.

part II - Manifesto

I believe in following formula: "beauty can save this world". I believe in fact that artist is the channel
which links between cosmos and our material world. We live in such cruel reality where materialism,
lack of emotions and hypocrisy became so deep-rooted in humans mind that it became their way of living,
people loose their souls chasing after next sale or popular TV-show. People lost their ability to see
things around them, so I believe that Art could bring their souls back.

part III

Looking for the code...

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